7 Effective Ways of Handling Negative Reviews Online

Negative Reviews Online

You cannot be called a good businessman if you are unable to handle negative reviews. It is tiring to answer each customer and provide a solution to their problems. At times, you will feel the complaints to be entirely baseless, yet you have to answer them with patience. Negative customer reviews are considered to be a good sign. It is hard to accept it, but a business like Myassignmenthelp.com is not regarded as successful if there are no negative My assignment help reviews. So, you need to be prepared to handle them effectively. The following seven are the most effective ways of handling these reviews. 

1. Acknowledging the customer

You must understand an unhappy customer is not very patient. He/she will look for solutions right away. So, when you receive negative customer reviews, it is essential to make the customer understand that his/her query is heard. You can type in a message against the query. For example, “We are sorry to hear that you had an unsatisfactory experience with Myassignmenthelp. We are looking into the problem and will get back to you shortly.” It will help to calm the customer and will also enhance the relationship between him and the company.

2. Share a solution process

It is not healthy to keep the customer waiting for days after acknowledging his/her query. You need to be proactive and ask essential questions to the customer. Questions like, “What was the problem?” or, “Did you receive a wrong product?” or, “Was the delivery late than the scheduled time?” These enquiries will help you solve the problem faster. Also, the customer will be relieved and cannot question you further if you are proactively looking into his/her queries.

3. Be calm

An essential part of winning the race is to keep your cool and answer each customer. If you are handling negative customer reviews, you must understand that these might hit you emotionally. You should not react even if the customer is cursing the business policies or you personally. Your duty is to turn the table, make the customer understand the reason for the problem, and provide a solution.

4. Give a personal response

Customers are well aware of the customer care departments of the companies. When someone complains or shares negative reviews, it is better to address them personally than sharing a generic message. You will see a lot of customers posting such reviews on social websites. You can reach out to each message with a reply. It helps to stop the customers from sharing such reviews further.

5. Try having a private conversation

Customer reviews can have adverse effects on the business. You will not be able to stop the surge if you don’t act fast. It is always better to convince the customer for a private conversation. The customer will also be satisfied with the service and will not share negative reviews in the future.

6. Track all the platforms

Businesses are not restricted to one official website. They have their presence on multiple platforms. You can limit negative reviews if you monitor or track each forum regularly. It is essential to keep the organization’s name clean. Therefore, you need to keep track of all the platforms where you are present.

7. Follow up with the customers

Service is an essential part of an organization. A happy customer will never say anything wrong about your company. You need to have the ability to turn a negative customer into a positive one. Following up can help you do so. Send a mail or a message to the customer even after you have solved the problem. It will remind the customer of your service and open up business opportunities.

The above ways have proved to be effective for most business organizations. Always remember, negative reviews are blessings in disguise. It highlights the success of your business. Handle them carefully.