Different Project Management Apps You Can Have On Your Phone

Different Project Management Apps You Can Have On Your Phone

When you are working on different projects, a to-do list might not be very helpful for you and it is too much work if you have to maintain a different to-do list for different clients and projects at hand. No matter how big your team is or how many clients you have, make sure that you are completing all your tasks and your resources are meeting all deadlines at the same time. If you are a startup with few clients, it is important for you to prioritize tasks and make sure that you complete your tasks and respond your clients diligently. It is important for the growth and building the reputation of your company. 

There are so many project management tools that you can use as an app on your phone and it can help you stay on your toes and review details on tasks, assign tasks to the required individual, respond to client queries, comments and concerns and perform other operations. You can download these apps using the App Store and Google Play very easily if you are in New York. Spectrum NYC is a reliable and fast way to download and upload documents, applications, playing games and do a lot more than you think. Let’s have a look at the different apps that you can find on the App Store:


This is one of the most used project management apps that can help you manage different tasks, projects and even teams using their boards, checklists and cards. This is very useful if you want to improve collaborations and make sure that your resources stay productive at all times. You can use Trello for free to get a visual representation of your work and organize your life and monitor them using your phone wherever you are. It is not only limited to your projects and work only, you can use the app to plan and execute your vacations as it is very flexible and customizable as per your needs. You can add labels, checklists, due dates and more and proceed with tasks the way you want to.

App Store Ratings: 4.5


This is one of the all-in-one apps that you can use to work on your tasks and collaborate with members of your organization. You can create weekly sprints or run promotions for specific occasions using ClickUp and manage a large number of team members so that they stay productive. The app helps you to create tasks, make updates and edit task updates seamlessly. You can view your tasks on the to-do list and collaborate with your team and stay connected using push notifications. You can have a look at all aspects of your tasks and the people who are working on them. Also, it lets you know about your tasks coming ahead and the turn-around time of the project at hand. All of this is handled by ClickUp in an instant. 

App Store Ratings: 4.7


If you are a small-scale business or a large-size organization with clients within your country and beyond borders, Basecamp 3 is the ideal app that you can use. The app is used by thousands of businesses throughout the world as one of the easiest ways to run business activities and work on different projects. The app makes your work and business activities more organized and stays in communication with your clients and coworkers easily. The app has 6 different tools that will help you get things done including keeping a track of your work, post announcements and updates on message boards, chat with your team, add schedules for posting deadlines and milestones, organize our documents and files, get insights from your team so that you get updates regularly. All in all the tool is an ideal app for you if you think you get messed up while working on different tasks. 

App Store Ratings: 4.7


The app becomes your personal assistant that can help you keep a track of your task and collaborate with different users on the go. It is very easy to use to manage your tasks using your Apple devices. The best thing about this nTask is that it is free for everyone. You can start off your day using the app to streamline your day-to-day tasks, projects and activities using an interface and a variety of features like scheduling your resources, manage projects without overlapping resources and manage issues related to your task. All of this and a lot more features are there to make your work easy and more streamlined.  

App Store Ratings: 3.3

We can conclude here by saying that by automating your business operations especially the way you manage your task and collaborate on them. This will not only save a lot of effort but also will let you know when your deadlines and what’s the priority on your different tasks should be in order to cater your clients effectively. Also, many of these project management tools make you and your resources more productive throughout the day. 

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