How do parents stop their kids from online dating?

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Online dating over the recent years has become a norm among youngsters and adults. Dating apps are floating on the web, and today we teens are becoming the victims of online predators. Therefore, parents are worried about the teen’s online dating. Cell phone devices and internet connection has brought dozens of online dangers for teens and parents to remain clueless all the time when teens are spending time on the screens.

Now the question arises! Is it possible for parents to stop kids from online dating? Yes, it is possible with the parental control app. It enables parents to access cellphone devices to keep tabs on teens. Moreover, parents can watch and access installed applications on the target device. Online dating apps are floating on the web and young kids love to download online dating apps and social media apps and use them for dating online.

What are the harmful effects of online dating?

Young teens are dating strangers on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, and typical dating apps, like Tinder and bumble. These online dating applications are leading teens towards stalkers, cyberbullies, bunny hunters, and sexual predators. Young teens that are using dating apps are more likely to interact with strangers and sex offenders.

Therefore, teens are more likely to become the victim of date rapes, and most teens use dating sites for sexual hookups and one-night stands. It is a dangerous activity for teens to meet with a person whom they have never met before in real –life. Therefore, stalking, bullying, rape, and child trafficking incidents are happening worldwide regularly.

What is parental control software?

It is a mobile application that you can download by visiting its webpage. Moreover, you can install it having physical access on the mobile device and access to the features. You can use features like read messages, phone calls, social media spy, keystrokes, browsing history, screenshots, and screen recorder. You can monitor every activity of your kids online, and you can get to know what your teens are doing on the dating apps. You can read conversations, messages, chat, voice, and video call logs with the schedule. Cell phone parental control app remains hidden on kid’s phone and obtains valuable information for parents. Let’s get to know how does it work?

How mobile parental control works?

Do you want to protect your teens from blind dating online? Gone are the days when you being parents, remain helpless. Now you can get your hands on the best cell phone tracking app by following mentioned steps.

Step1: Subscribe to TheOneSpy parental control

Parents need to visit the official webpage of mobile phone monitoring software and get the subscription online. You will receive an email, and you need to log in to your account to collect the credentials.

Step2: Get possession of the target phone

You need to get physical access to the cellphone device and start the process of installation. Moreover, activate the application on the teen’s phone and lurk towards the next step.

Step3: Use an online dashboard

Users can access the web control panel using the passcode and ID and further make the features functional on the target device using the sync setting button. It will provide instant results to parents, and you can track and monitor kid’s online dating and other inappropriate activities at the time and place of your choosing.

Parental tracking software Features to stop kid’s from online dating

Here are the most powerful features of the cell phone spy app that you can use to protect teens from one-night stands, hookups, and blind dates.

Screen recorder

Parents can take over the cell phone’s cameras and record back-to-back short videos of the mobile screen and save videos to the web control panel. You can access the dashboard and watch live recorded videos of the phone to know about teen’s online dating activity.

GPS tracker

Parents can track and monitor the live GPS location of teens on blind dating using a GPS tracking tool. It enables parents to get location history, hidden whereabouts, and route maps on Google Map.

Social media monitoring

End users can set parental control on social networks and get the logs of messages, chat, voice calls, video calls, and media sharing activities of teens with strangers online.

Capture screenshots

Users can capture the screen of a cellphone device and monitor teen’s online dating activities with a schedule.


TheOneSpy parental controls have come up with powerful tools to protect kids from online dating activities to the fullest.